The Value of Choice: January 24, 2012

Every day we have the power of choice.  We choose how we respond to and feel about any given situation.  We choose the people in our lives.  We choose the things we own.  We choose what we do with our time and energy.

Our values guide our choices.  Clearly articulated values provide a framework within which to make decisions.  Understanding the things that we value makes it easier to make better choices.  Staying true to the things that we value makes it easier to be happy.

Despite this, many people don’t take the time to clearly identify their values.  To complicate things, our values are constantly changing as we grow and evolve.  And how do we we keep ourselves from judging and imposing our values on others?

In this meetup we’ll explore the relationship between value and choice.  What does the freedom to choose really mean?  How do we become more conscious in our choices so that we can align our actions with our values?  Can you consciously change your values?

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