Peace and the City: January 10, 2013

Urban living can be little intense at times and there’s no place quite like New York City – from the street hustle and bustle to the demands of work, social life, and family.  This city never sleeps: sirens blaring, cars honking, construction banging, traffic jamming, billboards flashing, hoards of people shouting, smoking, walking with their heads down texting (all at the same time) whileyou’re just trying to keep it all together.  How on earth is one to find inner peace in all this activity?

This meetup will focus on how to be at peace with it all and how to recognize opportunities to create peace.  Beyond the obvious demands of city life, how do you avoid drama and create harmony around yourself?  How do you cultivate love towards the people around you even when they frustrate you?  How do you establish an environment that’s conducive to you being the best that you can be?

By finding inner peace we can be agents for peace in the world at large.  We hope you’ll join us for an exploration of practical peace.

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