What do Ghandi, John Lennon, Jesus Christ, and Bob Marley have in common? They all emphasize love as being the foundation of life. Are they talking intimate love or did romance somehow hijack the true nature of love? Everybody sings about it, talks about it, and writes about it – but what does love really mean and what role does it play in our lives?

Wisdom of Love is an open source philosophy project started by Lorenz Sell and Natasha Borisova. We’ve both been doing start ups for a while and found that the heart is the best compass we have. We’re fascinated with the concept of love and believe that it offers a simple philosophy which needs no scripture and no handbook. It does not require an expert’s opinion nor a guru’s teaching. It is a philosophy so basic that it is embedded in the heart of every human being.

This blog is a philosophical exploration of the practical side of love – what does it mean to cultivate true love for ourselves, each other, and the planet?

We host regular meetups along this theme in the New York City area.  Please join our meetup group to stay on top of our events.  We’d love to meet you!