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The Time is Now Meetup: July 11, 2013

Modern life is a multitasked existence. In our pursuit of productivity, we have perfected the art of constant partial attention such that our enjoyment of the things we do is equally fragmented. Spending time with friends, we think about work.  Working, we wish we had more time to spend with friends.

As we rush to get to the next moment, the present moment often goes by unnoticed.  Yet life is a collection of present moments and time is the medium through which we experience life.  Our relationship with time is a direct reflection of our relationship with life itself.

In this meetup we’ll explore the meaning of time.  Why is it so hard to be present?  How does one cultivate presence?  What is the best way to manage our time?  How is time related to love?

We hope you’ll make some time to join us for this conversation.

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