Compassion and service: December 6, 2012

Hurricane Sandy has confronted all New Yorkers with a certain degree of suffering.  As we notice the devastation around us, we might ask ourselves how can we help?  Compassion is the glue that brings us together to support each other.  Service is the product of that support.

We don’t need a natural disaster to feel compassion for others.  We can find simple ways to truly serve each other on a daily basis.  Be it taking the time to listen to a friend, helping a mother up the stairs with her stroller, or just being completely honest when it might be inconvenient to do so.

What’s the difference between pleasing someone and serving them?  How do we find compassion for others without letting people walk all over us?  How do we find compassion for ourselves?  In this meetup we’ll explore how to cultivate compassion and the true meaning of service.

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